How to bulk download images and videos from Pinterest on Win/Mac

Pinterest is a great place to find ideas, funny videos and amazing images. You can download them on the website by simply "Right-click" and "Save as". If you want to download the images or videos all in one click, you need to read this post.

You may have ever use the Pinterest to save and share your ideas by pin some pitures to the board. You may also try to download images or videos for inspirations and projects. In this post, you will learn a trick that could save your time when you want to download images from Pinterest in bulk.

results from Pinterest

Download one image from Pinterest

Genearlly, if you just want to download one image from Pinterest, it is quite simple. Open one image and click the button like the image shows below. Click the "Download Image". You will get it immediately.

downlad image from pinterest

Download multiple images from Pinterest in bulk

Step 1. Run All Image Downloader and select "Pinterest" option.

use pinterest image downloader

Step 2. Paste the URL you copied from the address bar and click "Search"

copy pinterest url paste pinterest url to all image downloader

Step 3. Check "Select All" and click "Download Selected". When finished, you will preview all images from Pinterest

select all pinterest images click download all button

Now you can see all images from Pinterest

preview all pinterest images

Step 4. View all images downloaded from Pinterest

View all images downloaded from Pinterest

Download videos from Pinterest

Under development. Coming soon.